The Trading Playbook set for release on Friday!


Thanks to the great people at the Harriman House Publishing company, my new book called The Trading Playbook will be released on Friday March 27th. The book contains two sections, one for day traders and one for swing traders.

In the swing trader’s section I have documented the process that I have used in my analysis on this blog over the last 5 years. I go through the process step by step to show readers how you can analyze the markets movements yourself, in an easy yet highly effective method. Included are plenty of real time examples with charts and analysis.

In the day trader’s section I have documented my approach to day trading the ES or E-Mini S+P 500 futures contracts. I take the reader through each piece of the puzzle and then put it together to form expectations for each day and what trades to look for and what trades to avoid given the structure of the day. This section is geared towards the ES since it is the most popular vehicle for day traders, but the general concepts can be applied to other markets as well.

So whether you are new to trading or an experienced trader, a day trader or a swing trader, there is something in the book for everyone.


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